The Protector ‘A Great Netflix 4 Seasons’ Series Honest Review

The Protector ‘A Great Netflix 4 Seasons’ Series Honest Review

Genres:The Protector ‘A Great Netflix 4 Seasons’ Series Honest Review The Protector is a Netflix 4 Seasons…

The Protector 4 Seasons Series Honest Review
The Protector ‘A Great Netflix 4 Seasons’ Series Honest Review

The Protector is a Netflix 4 Seasons series that you have to watch. It’s about a girl from Thailand who is studying in London and gets kidnapped and has to find her way back to Thailand. 

The main character, Aliyah, is so strong and resilient and it’s really inspiring. I think it’s a ‘must watch’ for anyone who likes complicated stories and strong female leads.

Protecting a small town from an ancient evil, Claire Bennet, a high school student, discovers that she has a super power. It’s not uncommon for Netflix to start a brand new series and then cancel it after a few seasons. But The Protector is the first of four Netflix series to be picked up by the streaming service. 

It’s also the first series to be created, written, and directed by women. I found the series to be a little slow for my taste, but the story line is intriguing. Watch The Protector if you enjoy horror or science fiction.

The Protector is a series that will leave you on the edge of your seat, gripping your computer or phone tightly, and shouting, "Noooooo!" at the screen at the end of each episode.

Introducing our heroes

While all the heroes appear to have different motivations, they are united by their thirst for justice and love for their home. They are the descendants of a number of ancient protectors, sworn to keep the city safe. 

An ancient prophecy has revealed that if they keep their city safe, they will be granted immortality. When the time comes, they are each assigned an assigned protector and must fulfill their role. 

As the story unfolds and the city is under attack, they are forced to rise to the challenge. A cast of characters The story focuses on five main characters: The five protagonists who have been assigned the roles of Protector, Guardian, Risen and Chosen. 

The Protector Netflix 4 Seasons Review
The Protector - Introducing our heroes

Each must find their own route to seek justice. Nine protecting groups consisting of the Heralds and the Daughters of Edon.

What’s the show about

The first season is split into two halves. The first half is set mostly in the Headquarters of the Protector (the organization that controls the protection of the city) where the board of directors sit, deliberating each new occurrence of the mystery assailant and meeting each month to deal with new developments. 

The second half of the first season is set in the home of Kate and Rafe Beaumont, where the pair have fallen in love and the two have just moved in together. Is it for me? I enjoyed the first season of the Protector. I enjoyed it immensely. 

I really do wish there was a second season. For one, the story line was far more interesting and thought-provoking than the more mediocre sequels to older shows. Another is the sheer volume of quality episodes.

Does the show have any hidden messages

Although the plot of the series is not directly relevant to current events it was probably inspired by them. The Protector has some startling parallels with contemporary events. 

Examples are: Why did TV shows and movies have to become political? It is a reality that our entire cultural climate has changed in the last 10 years. When a TV show becomes political it’s not necessarily the worst thing. In the age of 24 hour news it’s bound to be a hot topic. 

I think people will appreciate this show and argue about it and be critical of it and argue about it with their friends and family. Even the fact it is an action drama has political ramifications that could be appreciated by some people.

Did you enjoy the show

The story starts off with an attack on a bus carrying a youth choir. The kids decide to continue with the tour with the kind permission of their parents but that turns out to be their undoing. 

A new job for Charlie Charlie Carver is the odd man out in his foster home. He is mocked and ostracised by his brother’s friends, the bullies. As a result, he develops a fascination with the security team that follows him around at work. 

When he is given a chance to show off his skills, he finds out that one of the missions is to work with the guys. He is told to play along with them in order to get to know them better. 

But that doesn’t last long. Two coming of age shows There are few things more universally relatable than the story of teenage angst and coming of age.


The Protector is the first Netflix Original series that I am extremely passionate about. The show has earned a spot on my must-watch list. The cast members are talented, brilliant, have interesting stories, and do not take themselves too seriously. The shooting is great, as is the cinematography. 

The story is dark, funny, and thrilling. It reminds me of the Matrix trilogy in terms of it's message and the cinematic techniques used. I highly recommend watching this show. Please enable JavaScript to view the discussion by Sidelines.