Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Review
Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Review: Is It Worth Watching?

The new movie, Dinosaur Hotel, is a family-friendly adventure that has some big themes. I liked Dinosaur Hotel, but I won’t be watching it again anytime soon. I found it a little too intense for my kids. 

What I really loved about this movie was the message. It has a strong message that is not just about taking care of the planet but about taking care of your own planet and that is really important.

Is the Dinosaur Hotel 2021 movie worth watching? The answer, of course, is that it depends on who you ask. On the one hand, it is a movie that is intended for preschoolers, which means that it's a very simple story and is designed to entertain and educate children. 

The movie is about an amusement park called Dinosaur Hotel that is being renovated in 2021. The dinosaur animatronics are malfunctioning due to power outages and a janitor gets stuck in a dino suit. 

This movie is very funny and a great way to spend a night in. It is not scary and has a good message about never giving up. I recommend this movie for kids ages five and up.

Dinosaur Hotel is a movie that is set in 2021. It starts with a scene of a futuristic city in the sky. The city has been invaded by a group of dinosaurs. 

This movie is worth watching because it is very funny and it is not that scary. You might like this movie if you like animation or if you like dinosaurs.

My Thoughts on Dinosaur Hotel

Thoughts on Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie
My Thoughts on Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie

A game show called 'Dinosaur Hotel' is supposed to be about finding the biggest, meanest, sharpest teeth in the British countryside. Sounds fun, right? The point is to get maximum points but it soon becomes obvious that's not what's happening. 

One contestant is bitten on the hand by a T-Rex that isn't supposed to be there. The contestant has a variety of the usual horror movie injuries (blunt force trauma, torn blood vessels, hematoma, hydrocephalus, gangrene, etc.) plus septicemia. 

He survives and tries to press for an inquest because it turns out the deadly T-Rex was only in the game show for insurance. The game show seems to exist for no good reason. The giant T-Rex killing a contestant is particularly jarring.

The Story

Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Story
Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Story

On the surface, Dinosaur Hotel 2021 looks like it's based on the incredibly popular TV game show Dinosaur World. 

After a mysterious flash of light triggers the game-show host's dormant dinosaur powers, all four contestants on the show find themselves transformed into dinosaurs themselves. 

Rather than split the four competitors into separate teams, the show's new host brings the dinosaurs together and randomly selects one contestant to be "reborn" as a "Supersaurus." 

After the transformation, the contestant must return to the show floor and answer a series of questions to win the money they need to pay the dinosaur's incredible price tag. 

The four humans on the show's game are played by Frank Skinner, Dan Warner, Jeff Rogers and Sandra Worthington.

The Characters

Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Characters
Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Characters

At the start of the film, we are introduced to Vince, a DJ and a woman called Gina who arrives at a hotel and pays for a game show that lets the winner keep the dinosaur they win. 

The hotel's greek god, Zeus, hosts the game show and his assistant, Kappa, answers calls that were sent to the hotel by a spaceship landing on the island. The people that manage the hotel are also introduced. 

It is then revealed that Kappa has also decided to stay at the hotel and the pair have a strange relationship. The rest of the plot is narrated by Vince as he and the hotel manager go through different experiences throughout the film. 

The Character Strengths As in any film, the characters do have something that differentiates them from one another.

The Pacing

Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Pacing
Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Pacing

Dinosaur Hotel is an intriguing movie and is engaging in parts, however, the pacing is a little off. It doesn't have much confidence or purpose with its setup. The concept of this movie is interesting as it presents the audience with an alternate world where the game show Dinosaur Hotel is actually real. 

It's like Project X but for grown ups. The gameplay would be an elaborate version of Werewolf, and only the winners of the game would be able to return home. 

This theme is further explored in a short feature titled "Aces and Eights", where the winner of a crazy popular "Game Show" has to make a heroic stand against monsters on the board. There is also an Easter Egg reference to the 2016 movie, Jurassic World, where a big game is being held in Jurassic Park.

The Acting

Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Acting
Dinosaur Hotel 2021 Movie Acting

In Dinosaur Hotel, the story is the only element in which the film has an advantage over other entries of this genre. However, this aspect is also one of the shortcomings of the film. No matter how much you think that the characters in the film are pretty interesting, the unimpressive performances cannot save the movie from being a visual and aural disaster. 

The dialogue is delivered in an uninformed way and it makes you wonder why anyone ever agreed to star in this film. Review Some of the special effects are not horrible and they do a decent job for their limited budget. However, the creatures and the concept of the show are what disappoint you the most.

The Effects

(presents Derelict Earth in 2050) (presents Derelict Earth in 2050) The special effects of Dinosaur Hotel are not the finest work the English filmmaker could create. 

The movie would have made a better impact had the dinosaurs been easily identifiable, and so much that the audience would have known how to save themselves in case they encounter one. 

Unfortunately, the special effects are based on the appearance of dinosaurs, which is invisible to the human eye. There are only two shots, which reveal the dinosaurs and even they could be misconstrued as something else. 

The third act does have a clever display of the dinosaurs that are causing havoc, but that's also the only time that the audience gets to see their true form.


Should you watch Dinosaur Hotel? Yes, it does offer a good premise. But the execution is unsatisfactory and the film ultimately fails in delivering good entertainment.