Loki Season 1 Episode 1 Review: What To Expect From The Show

Loki Season 1 Episode 1 Review: What To Expect From The Show

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Loki Season 1 Episode 1 Review
Loki Season 1 Episode 1 Review: What To Expect From The Show

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding this year with the release of the first season of Marvel's new Loki tv show on Tuesday. We loved Tom Hiddleston as Loki in the Avengers movies, and now we have the chance to learn more about his backstory. 

What does Marvel's Loki show look like? We have a spoiler-free review of the first episode to give you a taste of what to expect from the show.

Loki is an American television series in development for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The series is produced by Marvel Television and airs on Netflix. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has stated that the series will be focused on Loki's backstory, with the potential for him to become a hero.

What can we expect from the show?

What can we expect from the loki show?

According to Den of Geek, this show will deal with the 'backstories' of Marvel's best loved anti-heroes. The eight episode long first season will focus on Loki's journey as he discovers more about the world and himself. 

The show will reveal new aspects of Loki's quest to regain control of Asgard, which began in the first Avengers movie.

The cast

The cast includes: Tom Hiddleston (Loki), his partner in crime Jim Lord (Erik Selvig), and Kat Dennings (Katie Fury/The Earphone Guy) Script and development The series is based on the character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963. 

The show is being created by Jonathan Lethem and it is based on the God of Mischief mythology, played by Tom Hiddleston. The show marks the third big Marvel universe film for the actor. With this series, the actor was finally able to dip his toes into the Marvel Universe after "Thor '' and "Captain America" films. 

Talking about the show, he said, "Loki has a very complicated relationship to humanity, both that he has and that he wants to have, and when we get into the story, you're going to see why it's difficult.

What are the themes of the show?

What are the themes of the Loki show?
What are the themes of the Loki show?

Here are the key themes of the show, according to Netflix: Iron Man 3, in particular, explores the theme of self-sacrifice. As the character states, “At this stage in the game, you have to choose between looking out for number one or looking out for number two.” 

The game in which he is playing is war, and the side he chooses could be an absolute necessity to win the war. This causes him to do things he never thought he would, such as seduce Hela into submission, although this mission of destruction does not always end well. 

The trailer clearly shows he is willing to trade certain aspects of his soul and reputation, in order to take down Hela once and for all. Vishnu is yet another theme explored. This is represented by the statue of Vishnu in Tullestad.

Loki Episode 1 Review

Loki Episode 1 Review
Loki Episode 1 Review

The official synopsis of the show reads: "From Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios, Marvel's Loki is an epic Marvel adventure. It follows the legendary mythological Norse God (Erik Selvig), who is thrown into a world he never knew existed.

As gods and monsters flourish in the open war between Asgard and Midgard, Loki must use all of his cunning to survive." The show is essentially a loose adaptation of Loki, one of the characters from the Thor franchise and will debut on Netflix worldwide on Tuesday, June 9.

The title of the first episode is 'Loki.' The first look is very interesting and can be watched below. According to reports, the new series is going to be a hybrid of Marvel and DC superhero content.

How is the show connected to the MCU?

The series is not officially connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the first season is inspired by the original mythology of the character. What to Expect From The Show According to the synopsis on the Netflix website, the story is set in the present day. 

Loki is already dead, and Thanos is still hunting the remaining Infinity Stones. The story focuses on someone claiming to be the son of Odin. He has not been found before, and he is going to seek revenge. 

It will also be interesting to see if the fans will accept Loki as a bad guy. The character has been well-received by the fans for his funny mannerisms and humorous one-liners. The show is also set to feature Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

How is the show connected to Thor?

As the name suggests, the show focuses on the character of Loki. The series shows the introduction of the Marvel character into the world of Marvel. Loki features Tom Hiddleston in the lead role. 

He will be reprising his role from The Avengers. Is Loki the main antagonist of the series? No, it is not. The series features a revolving door of baddies for the main antagonist. Thor's father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Heimdall (Idris Elba), and Volstagg (Rory McCann) are among those featured in the main antagonist list. 

However, the series hints at Loki's involvement in big events like the destruction of Asgard, the defence of the Earth from Asgard and the hunting of Heimdall. "Loki will come to play," says Mark Fradley, Marvel's head of production.


Marvel's new superhero drama is so far a gripping show which won't disappoint fans.The last three episodes of Marvel's The Punisher aired at the same time on Netflix last week. 

While all three installments offered something special, it was in no way difficult to see the producers of Netflix's latest offering giving Marvel's MCU team a run for their money. Is it the first installment of Netflix's newest TV offering? Does it introduce an intriguing new universe? 

What does the first episode of Marvel's new series offer? Read the story below to find out: Marvel's new superhero drama is an intriguing ensemble drama with an intriguing introduction.