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Sherni (2021) Movie Review: The Dark Side of Life

Sherni (2021) is a true story of a woman who falls from grace, and the events that follow. This is a movie that we should all be watching in order to understand the dark side of life. The movie starts off by introducing us to a well-to-do family. 

    Sherni is the matriarch of the family, and she runs a successful business and is a pillar in the community. But as the movie unfolds, the audience sees a different side of Sherni.

    Here’s everything we know so far about the Sherni (2021) movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Sherni (2021) Movie Cast And Characters
    Sherni (2021) Movie Cast And Characters

    Vidya Balan - Forest Officer

    Mukul Chadda - Pawan

    Vijay Raaz - Hassan Noorani

    Neeraj Kabi - Nangia

    Rajesh Bonik - Pk Supporters

    Ashwini Ladekar - Female forest guard

    Directed By - Amit Masurkar

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    Language - Hindi

    Release Date - 18 June 2021


    Shreni 2021 Full Movie Introduction
    Shreni 2021 Full Movie Introduction

    This is a landmark performance for Vidya Balan, who proves once again that she's a national treasure and one of the best artists we have. 

    Also, the theme and the treatment, if executed well, should be treasured for a long, long time What's hot An upright Forest Officer who strives for balance in a world of man-animal conflict while she also seeks her true calling in a hostile environment What's not May be a little long, with not too many twists and turns Performances On the face of it, there's nothing remarkable about Vidya Balan's portrayal. 

    However, she convincingly portrays the range of emotions to the hilt, through gestures and the face, as her forest officer Shanthi.


    Shreni 2021 Full Movie Plot
    Shreni 2021 Full Movie Plot

    Sherni (Syra), a forest officer, is a no-nonsense woman who works for an NGO dedicated to eco-tourism of the famous forest of Maharashtra's Tadoba. Despite being well-versed with the risks of her profession, she is involved in a love triangle with three men. 

    This is a risky career for a woman in a patriarchal society and as her life is at a crossroad, Sherni's pursuit of her true calling is jeopardised. Direction and Screenplay Shyam's low-budget romantic drama shows Sherni is involved in a love triangle in spite of having three suitors. 

    Shyam tries to exploit the 'man-animal conflict' as the film's primary topic which becomes tiring and does not evoke sympathy for Sherni at all. The love triangle is a major issue in the film but Shyam fails to exploit it in a meaningful way.


    Shreni 2021 Full Movie Acting
    Shreni 2021 Full Movie Acting

    The film deals with legal issues and police procedures that are the real nerve centers of a village. The lead characters are realistic and the only limelight is given to her roles. The technicalities of this area are well highlighted but do not appear in the film with the same intensity and vim as in real-life. 

    The special effects are more for effect. Sound Design and Direction Udipto Das’ background score is composed in a different way than the conventional Bollywood route. It almost feels like the background score of a TV serial or a dance drama. It has a kind of ‘Phat’ touch which is becoming a style of the current music directors.


    Shreni 2021 Full Movie Summery
    Shreni 2021 Full Movie Summery

    A progressive girl dreams big. But her dreams, like all dreams, are shattered when a forest official opposes her entry into the wild. Forest Officer (Vidya Balan), a beautiful woman, comes to the forests in search of her father. She finds a place to stay in the Ashoka colony. 

    There, she gets into a fight with Rama Rao (Rishi Bhutani) because he refuses to accept her. Where The Movie Falls Short The story has potential to be a crackling thriller but the director seems to have lost the plot. 

    Even though the language is at times atrocious and the screenplay makes no sense, the film remains an engaging watch and is excellently shot. Overall View A satirical comedy-drama where the desire of one person for another is the catalyst for the overall resolution of the conflict.

    Final Thoughts

    Animal lovers will eat up this film. Dog lovers might also enjoy it for its boy meets girl plot.


    Intriguing story, excellent action, excellent direction, a tiny bit of nudity and a thumping soundtrack, on the whole, Amarakshi is a riveting tale that belongs in all the multiplexes.