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America The Motion Picture (2021)  Movie Review: Plot, Cast, And More

America, the Motion Picture (2021) is the latest movie from director Tyler Eckert. The film stars Cameron Diaz, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. The film takes place in the future, when America has been taken over by a fascist military regime. 

    The story follows our protagonist, a woman with a blog who is imprisoned by the American government for committing a crime against the state.

    America the Motion Picture is a satire about a dystopian America that is run by Madeira, the first female president, and her cabinet, which is composed of white males. 

    The story is told through a series of interviews in a fictional television show that is made up of a panel of “experts” and the show’s host, all of whom are white males. The plot of the film is about Madeira’s daughter, who is abducted by a group of female militants.

    America, the Motion Picture (2021) is a drama that is about a young man and woman who are struggling to find their way in a new and challenging world. This is the story of America’s past, present, and future, and the story of us all.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The America The Motion Picture (2021) Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Mike Epps - Carl Black

    Katt Williams - Dr. Mamuwalde

    Bresha Webb - Allie

    Zulay Henao - Lorena

    Lil Duval - Cronut

    Michael Blackson - Mr. Wooky

    Danny Trejo - Hugo

    Directed By - Dave Callaham

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    Genre - Action, Animation And Adventure

    Language - Hindi And English

    Release Date - 11 June 2021

    Plot Overview

    America The Motion Picture Movie Plot
    America The Motion Picture Movie Plot

    Six years after it premiered at Sundance, this film finally hit the American big screen. Made with a hefty budget, this historical drama takes the audience into the conflict between the American colonies and the British Empire during the 1776 American Revolution. 

    The film begins with the famed Boston Tea Party, and subsequent dispatches (in present day) from young Samuel Adams (Billy Crudup) who is forced to bring the young George Washington (Michael Shannon) along on the resistance campaign. 

    The film then flashes back in time to show the American colonists fighting against British occupation of their colonies, and George Washington's original recruitment as a colonial soldier.

    Review of Cast

    Plot Writer-director Tim Clue told me the story is set "in this small (but not small-budget) town, where two people who can't stand each other work together on a historical costume show. You get the sense that they can't live with each other, can't live without each other." 

    It's "probably a little too on-the-nose, but we don't get mad at it," Clue added. There are no big names, but the veteran cast is solid. Clue said, "The people who are there are very good. It's a fun ensemble piece. 

    We don't have a big movie star, but we have a couple that'll be doing the commercial world-opening acts for the local NFL team. They're all great, all of them. I'm really proud of that." Tim Clue is definitely proud of the acting.

    Reviews of Characters

    America The Motion Picture Movie Characters
    America The Motion Picture Movie Characters

    Constitution Spirit of ’76 Rebellion Character-Aesthetics: Nothing jumps out at me. There is much to say about how set design, costuming, camera angles, and visual effects go a long way to helping to tell a story, but none of that in this movie makes much of a difference. It’s fun to look at. It’s not fun to watch. 

    This Changes Everything? Though the 2015 film was a remake of the 1975 American western classic, it’s been 20 years since the last real American western came out of Hollywood. 

    Perhaps, a major change in recent years in how movies are being made and what the box office will support, will spark the country to make one. The soundtrack by Clint Mansell is interesting. 

    Both The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs and Unforgiven share music composers: Bruce Springsteen and Ennio Morricone.

    Review of Cinematography

    Shot in Super 16 and Panavision 70, the gritty cinematography has been at times a bit overwhelmed by the music (but not entirely), the theatrical (but not intentionally campy) feel and some low-angle compositions that are goofy looking. 

    For what it's worth, the director deserves props for his ability to condense such a massive, complex story into a fascinating miniseries. Letterer note: The dialogue here is well-wrought. How could you get such a massive cast and crew to recite Shakespeare and render it visually distinct from Shakespearean films is a bit mind-boggling. 

    Gimmicks Certainly, nothing here is revolutionary, but many of them serve to keep the narrative moving and to keep the cast (including Game Of Thrones‘ Mark Addy and The Borgias‘ Lucy Cohu) from being completely wooden.

    Review of Visual Effects

    America The Motion Picture Visual Effects
    America The Motion Picture Visual Effects

    The faces of both the Patriots and the British look nothing like the historical versions. For instance, in real life, George Washington's left hand is much larger, and his face looked like he had aged a good 5 years in the decades between 1776 and his death. 

    The film lacks the best CGI tech, but the action looks convincing enough. However, one of the film's biggest flaws is the use of slow-mo, and how it takes away all the energy from the plot. 

    Even in an action film, the pacing should be good, and this one just isn't. It just drags, and fails to make up for it with fantastic action scenes. How The Film Resembles the Original Film The story follows a brave, albeit obnoxious, Will Smith, who feels that the Americans are the lesser-known tribe.

    Review of Soundtrack

    John Wayne as Washington: 

    You know, he’s a true American, right? Look at how great he is. I mean he was really great. Right? What a lot of people don’t know, he was great. He was. He was. But he was a bad man. What did I say? He was a bad man. 

    Burroughs as Washington: 

    George was a monster. He was mean. I always found it funny when I was playing poker that George would always cheat. Miller as Lafayette: You know I was really upset about this. Don’t hate me. I know I’m handsome, but I’m also a bastard. 

    Lewis as Clinton: 

    My God. You’re really stupid. The soundtrack of the film is a concoction of the Keystone Blues Brothers, Rudy, Deliverance, and a bone-crunching piece of punk rock, “Atlantic City” by the Subhumans.

    Review of Overall Cast and Characters

    In the first 20 minutes, I'm reminded of countless other genre entries that tend to treat the period and setting of American history as a "genesis" for the usual horror or sci-fi storyline (think Twilight Zone, Back to the Future, Back To The Future Part II). 

    Yet as the story progresses, director Timur Bekmambetov and writers Alex Litvak and Scott Blackhill do an excellent job of making this narrative as pertinent to today's political climate as any thriller from either side of the pond. 

    The closest American film that comes to similar territory is Wes Craven's brilliant Unbreakable, a different story told through a historical setting. The plot centers on George Washington and the Founding Fathers' plan to foil the British bid for global hegemony.


    A shackled prisoner escapes the clutches of his executioner, wanders across a wintry landscape of windmills and barbed wire, sees a vision of England on the horizon and is thrust into a whirlwind of intrigue, murder and machinations. 

    Follow that premise, add over-the-top accents, fish-out-of-water comedy, and you have what is essentially America: The Motion Picture, an absurd mash-up of four different eras that are brought together with a haphazard method, eventually mixing together to produce something completely out of touch.