Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Review: "A Gripping Psychological Thriller"

Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Review: "A Gripping Psychological Thriller"

Genres:Collar Bomb Movie (2021) Review: "A Gripping Psychological Thriller" This is the story of…

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Collar Bomb Movie (2021) Review: "A Gripping Psychological Thriller"

This is the story of a man who, frustrated with the state of affairs in his life, finds a way to take revenge on those he holds responsible. A collar bomb is a device rigged to a collar that can be set to go off at a time the victim is not expecting. This is a movie review of Collar Bomb, a gripping psychological thriller.

    The Collar Bomb movie is a gripping psychological thriller that follows the lives of three people in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. The film focuses on the lives of SHO Manoj Hesi (Jimmy Sheirgill), an MIT police officer, and his wife Rita / Ayah (Rajshri Deshpande). 

    A nurse; and Shoeb Ali, a 19-year old college student accused of planting the bomb. The film poses many questions about the nature of heroism, the costs of terrorism, and the forces behind our criminal justice system.

    'Collar Bomb' is a drama-thriller that follows a detective (Caleb, played by Ajay Purkar) who sets out to find a serial killer and finds himself in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. I know it looks like a typical thriller, but I can promise you it's not your stereotypical thriller. 

    It's entertaining, exciting, and will leave you on the edge of your seat. If you're a fan of thrillers, you should definitely buy a ticket and go watch this movie.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Collar Bomb (2021) Hindi Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Jimmy Sheirgill - SHO Manoj Hesi (as Jimmy Shergill)

    Sparsh Srivastav - Shoeb Ali

    Rajshri Deshpande - Rita / Ayah

    Asha Negi - ASI Sumitra Joshi

    Ajit Singh Palawat - Ratan Negi

    Naman Jain - Akshay Hesi

    Ajay Purkar - Commander Bhaskar Chandra

    Directed By - Dnyanesh Zoting


    Genre - Action, Thriller

    Language - Hindi 

    Release Date - 09 July 2021


    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Introduction
    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Introduction

    "Collar Bomb Movie" is the story of an Indian police officer named SHO Manoj Hesi, who is forced to pull off a string of heists to save his wife and child. He doesn't know that the heists will spiral out of control and, in the end, he might not be able to save his family. Story "Collar Bomb Movie" is an Action thriller. 

    Adapted from the well-known comic book of the same name. SHO Manoj Hesi (Jimmy Sheirgill) is a police officer in the City of Peshawar, who is forced to commit a series of crimes to save his wife and child from death. 

    He is forced to take to terrorism, armed robbery, and extortion to make ends meet and keep his family safe.

    Collar Bomb Movie Review

    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Review
    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Review

    Despite excellent acting, it's the characters in this film that makes this film worth watching. The fear and angst that overcomes the protagonist and his wife who have to leave their daughter home and spend time in jail before the bomb explodes are so real that it just takes you to the past and makes you rethink your life. 

    The story has been narrated in a gripping way and this makes you sympathise with the characters. It was amazing how the entire climax sequence was narrated through the letter that the cop's wife writes to the President of the country. 

    Dnyanesh Zoting's direction is of a different kind. Unlike many directors, he does not have actors in mind to portray his characters.

    Why is this movie worth watching?

    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Worth Watching
    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Worth Watching

    A gritty psychological thriller with a thread of Bollywood mass hysteria . Trending : Plot The film revolves around a common man, played by Jimmy Sheirgill. A video that goes viral online reveals him as a cop. The video is then found to be fake. 

    There is an investigation ordered by an authoritative figure. As he starts collecting evidence, he finds that there are a few leads to the identity of the bomber. His love interest seems like a hurdle. In the meanwhile, a suicide bomber plants a bomb in a school. 

    Our Take The film is neither as engrossing nor intriguing as it promised to be. A film of a cop's life is the name of the game and there are bits and pieces that are told well.

    The Ups and Downs of the Movie

    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Ups And Down
    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Ups And Down

    It has to be understood from the outset that this is not a horror thriller but a revenge drama. The events have been largely narrated in flashback, which acts as a tool to delve into the psychological mind of our hero. 

    The first half of the film is taut with the quality of performances more or less commendable. The movie does come to life in the second half, which tries to mimic a Hollywood thriller, with high-octane sequences. But it fails to surprise us. 

    Director Dnyanesh Zoting lies behind the camera to the core, but neither he nor the actors in his film take the drama in any dramatic high. The slow pace does not allow us to connect with the characters, whose problems are dealt with in a clichéd manner.

    The premise

    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Premise
    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie Premise

    Jimmy Sheirgill plays an offbeat cop who lives on the fringe of society in Mumbai. His life becomes chaotic when he gets a new assignment to work with Shoeheb Ali, played by Sparsh Srivastav. The two share a deep bond after the unfortunate death of Patil's wife. 

    Our Take Collar Bomb starts on a dramatic note and the film picks up pace once the two cops find themselves on a mission of a lifetime. Jimmy Sheirgill makes a fantastic debut and carries the film on his shoulders with aplomb. 

    His physical appearance and dialogues add tremendous weight to the narrative. Jimmy Sheirgill delivers a solid performance, but fails to bring anything new to the table. The supporting cast members are all impressive. Collar Bomb is a compelling drama that will keep you hooked for a while.

    The first half

    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie First Half
    Collar Bomb (2021) Movie First Half

    A psychological thriller, Consumed takes an unexpected turn towards dark comedy where our hero is getting into crimes without a plan. What works: An effortless performance from Jimmy Sheirgill as a just-retired cop, Irrfan portrays a desperate cop with a disturbed past. 

    We can relate to him with the one-sided approach of his police department. The tragic incidents in his life, eventually, change his attitude towards life. He overpowers his submissive nature and starts enjoying his life. 

    What drags it down The biggest problem with Consumed is the storytelling. It starts with the events of the second half and then twists towards dark comedy and drama in a farcical way. It is extremely confusing in the second half as we are not sure if we are watching the events in real time.


    The second half

    The second half comes in which the cops are on a roller coaster ride with the young man who is trying to blow himself up. We get a glimpse of his father who we come to know as an Islamic State extremist. 

    It is such an intense and gripping story that you will be left with goosebumps. Final verdict Collar Bomb is a gripping psychological thriller that grips you from the first page to the last.


    If the protagonist does the time for his crimes, it might be the saving grace of Collar Bomb. Unfortunately, this protagonist is a lame-duck whose morals are set by his superiors. After committing all these crimes, he's set to join the special squad. 

    And what does he do? He runs away and takes a bullet for his friend! A travesty in the city of fallen angels. Collar Bomb Movie Review: Star Performance Jimmy Sheirgill as SHO Manoj gives us just one sterling performance. 

    His dialogue delivery, mannerisms and the sheer acumen of his character makes this one of the best in the field this year. Rahul Kanwal also does a decent job in a role that's written with him in mind. 

    He gets some scenes where he reveals his intention and we as an audience feel that is a very effective narrative technique.