Disco Raja (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Movie That You Shouldn't Miss

Disco Raja (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Movie That You Shouldn't Miss

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Disco Raja (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download
Disco Raja (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: A Movie That You Shouldn't Miss

Every Telugu movie lover has been waiting eagerly for this movie, as it has been in the making for a long time now. And when it was released, the result was a blockbuster hit. I watched this movie in a theater recently and here is my review.

    The film starts off by showcasing a research team that bring a dead man (Ravi Raja) alive. He is none other than Disco Raj who has a dreaded past featuring Sethu (Bobby Simha). Upon knowing his flashback, Disco Raja starts hunting for Sethu. 

    The rest of the story is as to how Disco Raja sets things right and where do Payal Rajput and Nabha Natesh feature in this setup?.On the whole, Disco Raja is a scientific thriller laced with an action backdrop. Ravi Teja is superb in the retro look but the screenplay and narration are very dull and slow. 

    The film is neither bad or has terrific moments and unfolds at its own pace. A section of the audience will connect to the concept but the general audience who look for masala entertainment will be disappointed. So, go in with an open mind to enjoy this film.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Disco Raja (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Ravi Teja - Disco Raj / Vasu

    Payal Rajput - Helen

    Tanya Hope - Parineeti

    Hasini Anvi - Family Members

    Vennela Kishore - Phalguni

    Shishir Sharma - Shishir Sharma

    Nabha Natesh - Nabha

    Directed By - Vi Anand


    Genre - Action, Crime, Drama

    Language - Hindi

    Release Date - 24 January 2020

    What is Disco Raja?

    Directed by Jagan Shakti, the film narrates the story of a missing person with the help of his video diary. We see a grumpy cop going by the pseudonym Disco Raja in an intriguing thriller that is inspired by a real life story of a Chennai-based journalist Praveen. 

    Disco Raja Movie Review: Script Analysis Disco Raja tells the tale of the officer's search for a missing person who may or may not be dead. Disco Raja Movie Review: Star Performance Jagan Shakti aka Dhruva Naidu, is at his best as the cop Raja. 

    He looks dead on his feet while narrating the tale but hides the pain well. Ravi Kishan tries his best to shed his handsome hunk image, but fails. Ramesh Thilak makes an impact with his look and avatar in the thriller.

    What is the plot?

    Director Prasad V Potluri comes up with a complex plot. The basic premise of the story revolves around a real life comic book character, Disco Raja, who is involved in some funny but insane cases. 

    What’s hot? Rajendra Prasad’s distinctive style of writing is a major plus point in Disco Raja. He makes his mark with humour that’s at par with his comic books. What’s not? As the makers have kept the story hush hush, the first half of the film is equally weak. 

    The second half is completely missing the entertainment quotient. Disco Raja Telugu Movie Review: Star Performance It’s a delight to see Ravi Teja as the main lead. He is back on the big screen after a brief gap and he gives a striking performance. Suyyash Rai shines in his role as Raja’s love interest.

    What did the audience think of the movie?

    The movie got a good start, but did not sustain the momentum even for a single frame. It has been a few days since the movie came out and people are still coming to a conclusion about it. 

    Some Reports Were Negative! Disco Raja is a film that had its own share of controversies. For instance, reports about the technical capabilities of the film were quite serious, some even calling it a busted project. 

    It was all said that the movie has come out with a lack of direction, large sections of the script have been cut or heavily improvised and even some of the scenes have been shot at night. The Birth Of Disco Raja Disco Raja was originally planned to be a light-hearted tale, and was going to be an ensemble flick.


    A man wants to speak to someone named Disco Raja, and upon calling out his name, he gets a reply of, "Vina, Vina, dance, dance, dance". This scene is one of the major highlights of the film and it serves the purpose of unveiling the name of the movie. 

    Disco Raja starts off with a docudrama sequence showcasing the birth of Hyderabad and other important events related to the Telangana movement, all on the backdrop of Hyderabad Disco-era. 

    The film begins with Raju (Ravi Varma) calling Disco Raja out, while dancing on the streets, in front of the entire city. The mission is to get Raju's soul back to the world by winning the Dance Championship, which is hosted by Hyderabad Disco Raja (Pawan Kalyan) in a fictional village called Pallakadu.


    Kuri Babu (Pawan Kalyan) is a foster child raised by the daughter of Santhana (Kovi Malladi) and Bhaskar Reddy (Rajendra Prasad). It’s a small, narrow village and the two men are frustrated about not having the power to rule the villagers in any manner. 

    Kuri Babu comes to an engineering college and suddenly sees Santhana in a dress (after a few seductions) and is convinced that the girl is a witch. He kills her and hides her body in a ditch. 

    He then poses as her husband and goes on to rule the village with the help of his two lieutenants, Jeevan Reddy (Devadas) and Babji (Nassar). A clever person’s study reveals that he has in fact murdered Santhana. She awakes, kills Jeevan Reddy and comes to the village.


    Manam Kotecha, Sumanth, Brahmanandam, Ramana, Vennela Kishore, Soubin Shahir, Dushyantha Disco Raja Telugu Movie Review: Script Analysis Director Venu’s debut film Disco Raja is not his son, but has so many things in common with his son. 

    The film borrows a lot from your typical family melodrama as the entire first half is spent in establishing the emotional and physical relationship of a father and his son. The high point in the first half is when the Telugu father is paired opposite a dubbed Telugu daughter in his directorial venture. 

    Ramana provides some weighty dialogues. The high point is when the director introduces a new character – Disco Raja, who doesn't act like a hero and would rather wear a T-shirt with the Telugu insignia than carry a gun.


    Actor Chiranjeevi (Kanta Rao) is one among the innocent victims of a revengeful man Devudu Babu (Nandamuri Kalyan Ram). Rajamouli has brought some impressive performances, especially from Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and Sumanth. 

    Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, as Devudu Babu, is the one man who throws a challenge to Chiranjeevi, who is an inventor, when he starts questioning the existence of God. Devudu Babu is a short man, who got enhanced height in the process of fighting. 

    Sumanth plays a guy named Babu, who lost his parents in a mysterious accident. He was adopted by Chiranjeevi's family. Babu is Anant's (Sunil) ex-colleague, who falls in love with Sunil's sister. The difference in their ages doesn't make much of a difference. Sumanth has got a bit of the 'Paasam' Babu.


    Disco Raja has good intentions at the core, but the way it is stitched together, there is a lot of needless time wasted. The writer may have intended to tell the story from the perspective of the police officials and other onlookers, but the director puts all of it into the hands of Gopi Krishna's character, Mr Raju. 

    Rural middle class nature is showcased by people watching a disco dance show. That does give the movie some sense of purpose. However, the exteriors look ordinary and the musical score lacks soul. It comes in the way of the film, and it is better to miss Disco Raja if you are looking for some entertainment. 

    Gautham Karthik can be called a born and brought up actor who took a lot of long hours to hone his skills.


    This is a review of the theatrical version of Disco Raja that released on 19 December 2018. This is an origin story of a person who was gunned down but his soul survived. A scientist accidentally made the discovery of this soul after testing the reaction of murdered humans to a virtual reality theme which was created with the help of a software called Random Reality. 

    Disco Raja (played by Tarun Kumar) is the face of this software but he wants to be with his mother who was a victim of one such hit. So, he swears revenge on whoever had killed her as his mother used to show him love, warmth and even scolded him when he failed to do something.


    Disco Raja is a riveting suspense thriller that keeps you hooked till the end. It boasts of a solid performance by the entire cast, be it the leading men (Rao Ramesh and Ravi Teja) or the female leads (Trisha Krishnan and Nayanthara). 

    A subtle film that touches your soul and arouses curiosity, Disco Raja Telugu movie makes you wonder why this particular narrative was ignored.