Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Review: A Best Crime, Mystery Movie

Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Review: A Best Crime, Mystery Movie

Genres:Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Review: A Best Crime, Mystery Movie After the success of Haseen Dillruba…

Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Download
Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Review: A Best Crime, Mystery Movie

After the success of Haseen Dillruba 2020, the team has decided to come up with the sequel. I am not going to spoil the movie, but it is a must watch. The movie starts with a murder case and the hero is the only living person who knows the killer and the motive.

    A movie that is fast-paced, well-written, and well-directed, Haseen Dillruba is one of the best crime mystery films to come out in recent years. The film takes place in a small town in rural Punjab. 

    The town is shocked to learn of the kidnapping of a young girl, Aroona, who is the daughter of the town's police superintendent. The police department first suspects the kidnapping to be the work of a criminal gang. But the kidnappers had other plans in mind. 

    They wanted to teach a lesson to the father for his merciless treatment of the poor. Soon the kidnappers release a video of the girl and demand ransom. "Haseen Dillruba" is the best crime mystery movie. 

    It's a movie that's deeply rooted in the culture of Lahore, and it captures the essence of the city, its people and its surroundings. The movie is a depiction of the corrupt, high-society world and the system that governs it. 

    It's also a complete package of action, romance, comedy and drama that keeps you hooked till the end. It doesn't only show the good side of Lahore, but also its ugly side. The film shows that even in a place as beautiful as Lahore, there are dark, hidden corners.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Haseen Dillruba (2021) Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Taapsee Pannu - Rani

    Vikrant Masseyl - Rishu

    Harshvardhan Rane - Neel

    Aditya Srivastav - Kishore

    Yamini Das - Lata

    Daya Shankar Pandey - Brijraj

    Ashish Verma - Afzar

    Directed By - Vinil Mathew

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    Genre - Crime, Drama And Mystery 

    Language - Hindi 

    Release Date - 2 July 2021

    About Haseen Dillruba Movie

    About Haseen Dillruba Movie
    About Haseen Dillruba Movie

    “The recurring question of Haseen’s life is how to face the truth,” a newspaper’s headline declares. The trouble is she’s the one who can’t tell it. This is how she’s been living for the past few years since her husband was murdered, possibly at the hands of her brother-in-law, who was also found dead. 

    Despite the mounting evidence, she insists she knows nothing and continues to live with her abusive mother-in-law and her meek younger brother in her family home. 

    The best and most bizarre thing about the beginning of “Haseen” is how unremarkable it is. Despite all the turmoil she’s facing, the handful of lines Haseen says in the opening scenes are unfailingly polite and devoid of drama.

    Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Review

    Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Review
    Haseen Dillruba 2021 Movie Review

    Possessed by fear of being accused of murdering her husband, a crime she never committed, Zara Shahraz, recounts her marriage to a man who seemed genuinely and sincerely in love with her. They even decided to live together in a lavish, luxurious home which was expected to be ready by the time their wedding was held. 

    But, all that went to waste. It so happened that Zara was also suspected of murdering her husband. At one point, a victim in an accident was even identified as her husband. If her story isn’t pure, she will get away with the crime. 

    It so happens that he is willing to pay for all that she had done, but only if he can find the evidence, dead or alive, to support the charge of murder, not murder by mistake.

    Best Crime, Mystery Movie

    Haseen Dillruba Best Crime Mystery Movie
    Haseen Dillruba Best Crime Mystery Movie

    Name: Haseen Dillruba

    Language: Hindi

    Duration: 2 hours 22 minutes

    Director: Nitesh Tiwari

    Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Akshay Oberoi, Arjun Rampal, Amit Sadh, Ashutosh Rana, Shraddha Arya, Vivaan Shah

    Rating: “I took to drugs when I was just 15,” says Haseena Parkar, who appears in a 40-minute cameo. 

    When she was 16, she had a fight with her father, and disappeared from home. She said she was going to Azaadganj to collect the petrol he was selling and arrived there a month later. 

    She tells this chilling tale to a nurse in the hospital who seems to be only slightly concerned that there seems to be no record of her having reached the destination. She comes home when her mother, Pooja (Shraddha Arya) has a stroke and sends her to the United States.

    Story & Plot

    Haseen Dillruba Movie Story And Plot
    Haseen Dillruba Movie Story And Plot

    Born and raised in Bangladesh, filmmaker Zoya Akhtar (“Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara,” “Band Baaja Baaraat”) makes her North American debut with a film that is part of a tradition stretching back decades, to Anatole Litvak’s iconic “The Verdict.”

    That 1980s film, about a sensational murder trial in Los Angeles that takes place against the backdrop of the burgeoning po*n industry, stars Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway as defense attorneys representing Roy Cohn and Howard Keel, respectively.


    Haseen Dillruba Movie Characters
    Haseen Dillruba Movie Characters

    Following an interrogation room, a tape recording catches an exchange between a police officer and a wife who is in the middle of a horrendous accusation. A couple whose marriage has experienced some challenges, the husband and wife seem at odds with each other, always angry, but not enough to kill him. 

    As the wife gets into the details of their history together, she reveals more than what the police were looking for. The presence of the mysterious narrator who becomes the victim's trusted confidante adds a layer of mysticism and melodrama to the film. 

    Short of twists and turns, this is as linear a murder mystery as you can get. There is always an answer to a mystery, the 'but' that could bring the mystery to a halt, but not this film.


    Haseen Dillruba Movie Verdict
    Haseen Dillruba Movie Verdict

    “Haseen Dillruba”, a remake of a Marathi film, has all the elements of a better-crafted, more thoughtful crime film. On the one hand, it exhibits an unmistakable knack for seamlessly weaving together multiple angles and external and internal sources of information into a compelling package. 

    On the other hand, this compilation of surface layers largely fails to elucidate the surface on which it presents its information. While it’s certain that the basic cause of this murder is the conviction that the prime suspect in the plot, Javeed, had an extramarital affair with the wife of her husband, there’s an entirely different side to the story that the filmmaker takes the trouble to indulge in not once, but twice.

    The Ratings

    With 896 shows watched, "Haseen Dillruba" scored the highest ratings among all shows on ARY Digital. The number has become more interesting since it is at par with the highest watched shows in Pakistan. But what about viewers from India? 

    Here is a look at the details of the show ratings for the week 20 (October 1-7). Show Network Lifetime viewers "Haseen Dillruba" ARY Digital 1,501,219 "Nazar" ARY Digital 978,046 "Kya Hua Tera Vaada" ARY Digital 780,700 "Rab Se Samaan" ARY Digital 257,217 “Haseen Dillruba” wasn’t the highest rated show but in terms of viewership numbers it is No.1. 

    No other show in Pakistan has received such large numbers at the same time. Mrunal Thakur has once again nailed the performance of a Bollywood heroine in a series.

    The Trailer

    A brutal murder happens that leads to an investigation that uncovers horrifying truths. A thriller that is said to be one of the best works of Amin Izzard. The trailer has only hints of the mystery thriller that the movie looks like it could be. 

    You get glimpses of Haseen Dillruba as detective Sona, yet, it is an intriguing mystery that will leave you wanting more. The film has already made news for its distribution, to be released on October 7th, so here it is, the first look, 

    the best crime mystery movie that you'll find all year. 'Haseen Dilruba 2: The Mystery Behind His Death' is produced by Izzard, Abbas Bhatti, and Mirza Ali. Haseen Dilruba 2: The Mystery Behind His Death Plot Haseen Dilruba was called home from a vacation, to get his wife.


    Haseen Dillruba is director Mir Abid Ali's first film to date. He has a keen eye for revealing details in his crime-thriller, but his angle for this unusual film is not dissimilar from numerous other thriller films: the answers are elusive and don't quite make sense. 

    While the narrative and dialogues are full of odd things, the characters are neither. This makes them appear as voids, devoid of humanity. Still, they manage to keep you at the edge of your seat even as the film grows monotonous and loses its way. 

    Inspector Murtaza (Munna Michael star Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is investigating the murder of a woman, Gurbana (Chahat Pandey) whose husband is a notorious gangster (Aqib Khan).