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Jinde Meriye 2020 Punjabi Movie Review: Our Experience

The film is the story of a young couple who are in love and dream of a happy future, but when their only means of sustenance is snatched away by circumstances, they are pushed to the edge. 

    The film, set in 1992, is about Jinde, an outcast in the society, who is forced to marry a girl from a well-to-do family. The film, directed by Jaspal Singh, stars Jinde Gill, Sapna, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Gulshan Grover.

    Jinde Meriye is a Punjabi-language romantic comedy film directed by Ravindra Gautam. It is a remake of the Bengali film "Paglu" (2010). The film stars Sunny Deol and Neha Sharma in the lead roles.

    Punjabi movies are known for their dance-based storytelling that keep the audience hooked throughout the film. The songs in these movies are usually a mix of folk, rap, and hip-hop (often with a touch of Sufi) which makes them so popular. 

    Jinde Meriye is a Punjabi movie directed by Simerjit Singh. The movie stars Gippy Grewal, Harish Verma, and Nisha Bano. The film is a story about a father who is willing to do anything for his daughter’s happiness.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Jinde Meriye (2021) Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Sonam Bajwa - Rehmat

    Hobby Dhaliwal - Bhai

    Navneet Kaur Dhillon - Allie

    Hardeep Gill - Lorena

    Yuvraj Hans - Cronut

    Ravinder Mand - Mr. Wooky

    Shivam Sharma - Hugo

    Directed By - Pankaj Batra

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    Genre - Action, Comedy And Romance

    Language - Punjabi

    Release Date - 24 January 2020

    The Plot

    Jinde Meriye Movie Plot
    Jinde Meriye Movie Plot

    The movie begins with the young man studying law in Ludhiana and Maya appearing in his dreams. The dreams show Maya's capture by police on the train with a lady named Ritu. The story soon shows how Maya escapes and goes back to her family who just happens to be next to Maddy's house. 

    Maddy's mother (Parveen Kaur) is involved in prostitution and as her profession is declining, she decides to accept Maya's father's offer. Maya becomes a part of Maddy's family and starts living with her family and her new boyfriend. 

    The character of Jinde Meriye is written by Ashok Pandit who earlier worked with Guru Harak Singh in Khoya Khoya Chand. Besides Pandit, the movie also features Jassi Gill, Deep Sidhu, Binnu Dhillon and Ashwini Sharma as main characters.

    Our Review

    The movie's story is simple and lacks any fancy and unnecessary plot twists. However, the storyline is good and witty, which would entice viewers to watch the movie. Yaadi falls in love with Rehmat, an innocent and focused student. 

    Rehmat's father decides to arrange her marriage with a law-abiding man called Yuvi, who is introduced to Yaadi through Rehmat's grandmother. Rehmat initially doesn't like Yaadi, but changes her decision after getting to know him better. 

    However, she immediately requests her father to find a suitable match for her. Yaadi then goes in search of a suitable match. He learns that Rehmat is in love with another person named Adeel. Upon knowing this, Yaadi changes his first impression towards Rehmat. The rest of the movie is all about Yaadi's journey towards Rehmat.

    The Verdict

    Director Harvinder Singh Phoolka has done a good job with this romantic tale. The chemistry between the leads, combined with decent performances from the rest of the cast, make the film a safe watch. The film has some flaws in the screenplay, but the director has tried hard to give us a quality film.

    Shocking twist:

    Jinde Meriye Movie Shocking Twist
    Jinde Meriye Movie Shocking Twist

    The movie starts with a nasty r*pe scene. As you enter the first 20 minutes of the film, you realise that it is not going to be a lighter-than-air movie. But, thankfully, our hearts were spared due to Jinde Meriye's innovative and engaging writing, the spirited performances by the cast and a touching story. 

    Take a look at the difference between the two films: Jinde Meriye takes you on a journey of vengeance against the rapists and the perpetrators. It's a thriller with a twist. Yaadi on the other hand, revolves around two lovers, Amar and Rehmat. 

    Theirs is a love that is not merely physical. While Amar loves her, Rehmat loves him too. Rehmat comes from a conservative family and has been brought up to believe that her father, a rich businessman, will never approve of their relationship.

    The experience:

    We arrived at a nearby Masjid to watch Yaadi in a Dabangg around 5.30 pm on the second day of its release. They had the power packed Gulistan and PK's songs playing in the background. 

    They had added an additional song at the end, which had me reaching out to God Almighty. Unfortunately, their Lord didn't help them because the entire cinema turned out to be a shabby, dark room where we spent about two hours. 

    There was hardly any crowd and the cine goers looked like '2 Week Regulars'. After two hours, we were relieved to find the lights came on at the end of the film. However, as soon as the movie ended, we witnessed a pandemonium outside the theatre. 

    People were saying stuff like "I will never watch a Pakistani movie in another Indian cinema.

    The Jinde Meriye Movie experience:

    Jinde Meriye Movie experience
    Jinde Meriye Movie experience

    The story starts with Aniket's character setting out to locate Jinde Meriye, which is definitely an integral part of the storyline and the plot. We had a wonderful opportunity to read the first few pages of the story and we found the writing superb. 

    I cannot thank the author enough for the interesting plot and in depth character sketch. The emotions and the emotions-less mood of the protagonist- Aniket has a genuine feel. He has come to this city to find his love. 

    He believes his love is in Kolkata but with the help of Dhaba we go ahead in that direction. We cross the JNU territory, with some efforts in finding her and learn that she has married someone else, very disappointed with the entire affair, Aniket slowly turns to the land of endless possibilities.

    The story:

    Jinde Meriye Movie Story
    Jinde Meriye Movie Story

    Yaadi falls in love with Rehmat, an innocent and focused student. Rehmat's father decides to arrange her marriage with a law-abiding man called Yuvi. Vijay Sharma, as Yuvi, is shown to be a well-behaved and responsible man. 

    But Rehmat is not ready to marry anyone else but Vijay Sharma. Yaadi is a take on marriages made in Pakistan. Even though it is nothing close to what a Punjabi wedding would be like, the film tries to pass through the difficult moments of a Punjabi family.

    The message:

    Let us beware of love Let us beware of forces that spread hate among us Let us keep our priorities in check. Give your life to love The trailer of Yaadi: The background score of the film is good and I liked all the music. 

    Yes, for a Punjabi film, I think most of the songs are about love and they have that bright tempo to them. Actress' performance: I have to say that the actress performed really well in the film. 

    After watching the trailer and songs, I expected more from her and I was sure she would give her best. 

    Other actors: 

    Yes, there are a few actors in the film. Rehmat Bano is doing her comeback in a film after a long time. She is really showing off in the movie. She has done a nice job.

    The rating:

    The movie starts with the scene where a husband-wife (Jadeed and Jinde) comes together. Jinde falls in love with Rehmat, an innocent and focused student. Rehmat's father decides to arrange her marriage with a law-abiding man called Yuvi. 

    On the other hand, Yuvi's elder sister Kainat falls in love with Jinde. Jinde, who is in the hostel, falls in love with Kainat. While searching for her at her college, Jinde gets frustrated and kills Kainat. Yuvi, who has his own plan to get rid of Jinde, starts playing cupid. 

    Meanwhile, Jinde comes to know about Yuvi's plan and starts chasing Yuvi. What happens next is the rest of the film. Jinde Meriye has no special songs. There are a total of 7 scenes in the movie.


    The story of this movie goes back to the year 2011, when the movie Kabhi Farr Yahan had released and the director of the film, Ghanshyam Bhardwaj has joined hands again with his daughter, Smriti Bhardwaj and Udit Narayan to produce a movie titled 'Jinde Meriye 2020 Punjabi Movie'. 

    Jinde Meriye 2020 Punjabi Movie Review: 

    The Story For the duration of the 90 minutes of the film, we follow the journey of Jinde Meriye, who falls in love with Rehmat, an innocent and focused student. 

    Rehmat's father decides to arrange her marriage with a law-abiding man called Yuvi. And Rehmat wants to marry Jinde Meriye, she's sure that Jinde Meriye is the love of her life. Meanwhile, Yuvi's cousin decides to find the girl of his dreams for his elder brother.