Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Genres:Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie Review: Is It Worth Watching? How often do you watch a mov…

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Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie Review: Is It Worth Watching?

How often do you watch a movie and find yourself wondering what the heck you just watched? Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 is not a movie you will soon forget. This movie is worth watching and is definitely worth discussing with friends afterward.

    I’ve been to the cinema a lot recently and seen some good films. On the other hand, there’ve been some films that I’ve walked out of. So I wanted to share my thoughts about Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021. 

    It’s a children’s film about Joey, a baby kangaroo, who finds out he’s adopted. Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail has been getting a lot of bad reviews. But I have to say I really enjoyed this film and for a few reasons.

    When I first heard about Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail, I was intrigued. I love animal movies. I loved the title. I thought the idea had potential. But then I started to think about the idea more, and I realized it might not be the best idea. I’ll tell you more about my thoughts on the movie in a minute. But first, I want to tell you about the movie itself.

    It’s a new year and we all know what that means – a whole slew of new movies! Joey and Ella is a new Australian movie about two koalas who are destined to be together. We were lucky enough to watch it in advance, so here’s a review of the movie and whether or not it’s worth watching.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail (2021) English Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Ashton Leigh - Jackie

    Jennifer Michele - Ella

    Avalon Howard - Crowd

    Britt Allen - Sally Leonard

    Brooks Ryan - Adam

    Jake Washburn - Mover

    Sabreena Iman - Detective Zamora

    Directed By - Stephen Shimek


    Genre - Family

    Language - English

    Release Date - 27 July 2021

    What is Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie About?

    The synopsis for Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie reads: “In a world filled with technological innovations, one finds themselves drawn to the simple pleasures of live kangaroo kibble. 

    Meanwhile, away from the city's hustle and bustle, Joey (Jonah Krakower) and Ella (Ella Phillips) enjoy a bit of downtime at the family's new suburban home. But when a watchful mother Kangaroo gets caught up in a jewelry heist, she will do whatever it takes to find her baby.” 

    Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie Trailer Ella Phillips and Jonah Krakower star in Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie as Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie. Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie News Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail 2021 Movie was filmed on location in Los Angeles.

    Who is in the cast?

    “Joey” is a Disney Channel Original Movie directed by Chris Columbus. The cast includes Ella Flanagan as Joey, Owen Bortnoe as Jimmy, Diana Bang as Rosalinda and Rebecca Holt as Rosie. 

    What’s the movie about? The critically acclaimed and award-winning animated series has a very unique premise, in which the cute and cuddly baby kangaroo Joey is swept away during a jewelry heist, but finds her way back to her mother Rosie. 

    A situation that brings the mother and son closer than ever. “Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail” appears to be the same story as the animated series, but based on the trailer, it seems to be a comedy. Is it appropriate for kids?

     “Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail” is rated TV-Y7. It is recommended that parents watch this one with their children. Is it worth watching?

    Introduction to Joey and Ella

    After orphaned baby joey Ella is rescued from a storm and nursed back to health by one of her adoptive humans, the loving zoo staff is alerted to Ella’s presence by her kangaroo bladder, which erupts as she shows signs of distress when separated from her mother. 

    Refusing to be parted from her baby after their harrowing escape from the vicious claws of a swarm of maggots and mosquitoes, Ella’s owner, vivacious zoo owner Casey, and zookeeper Jackson find an unlikely way to reunite the family, in Joey, Ella’s surrogate father. 

    A Kangaroo Tail, A Kangaroo Tail, A Kangaroo Tail In this heartwarming tale of courage and human kindness, Joey, as Ella’s loving and protective surrogate father, helps the baby joey learn how to be a kangaroo, and be with her mother again.

    The Beginning

    In a normal family, young Ella A Kangaroo Tail might head off to her first day of preschool, in which she’s still too young to realize that the toys in the classroom are for other kids and that the classroom isn’t her actual home. 

    But when her parents leave Ella in the care of her Aunty Ella, Ella gets swept up in a jewelry heist orchestrated by Joe and Nellie, two jewel thieves looking to make a quick buck. Once Ella’s a part of the heist, her attempt to escape seems to make Joe and Nellie more determined to stick with her, and they struggle to keep their caper under wraps. 

    Joey, Ella’s little brother, is unaware of the plot. He wants to go on adventures. Ella makes an effort to keep the family together even if it means giving up her own freedom.

    The End

    Joey and Ella were found as orphaned joeys and soon bonded as mother and daughter. She was separated from her mother after she found her entangled in a jewelry heist and was taken to the Australian Wildlife Hospital in Perth. 

    After a lot of searching, Ella was finally reunited with her mother after her human caretakers paid a visit to Ella, bringing her a small piece of her mother's fur, a collar and ring to which Ella quickly bonded. 

    Unfortunately, Ella's mother, Lucy, passed away shortly after she was returned to the hospital. This pushed Ella into a melancholy mood and for the rest of her short life, Ella did not venture far from Lucy's memory and refused to leave her side.


    The dad character is played by the adorable Christopher Ryan Olsen. His human counterpart is Mandy Stahl, a fellow actor who has had recurring roles on “Mr. Robot,” “Gotham” and “Supernatural.” Olsen described his character as a blue-collar type who wears his clothes too big. 

    “There are a lot of great things about the character, but not so much the lines,” he joked. The scenes involving the dad character take place a year or so in the future, when Ella is about 10. The events of the movie take place between 2004 and 2011. 

    Watch the exclusive trailer for the film: Photo Credit: Kangaroo Tail Films Plot Ella (Courtney) grows up in a family that loves animals and treats them like family.

    Plot holes

    Holland has a few insights into how his characters' lives intertwine and how they make the most of their circumstances. But he largely directs the film, cutting away when things get busy or information is needed. 

    The climax itself, involving an extended shoot-out, is inspired but unnecessarily long. (It drags on for more than two minutes, which feels like a time penalty by screenwriting standards.) There are scenes set at a junkyard that involve impressive-looking machinery, but the soundtrack has the squelchy feel of a commercial for WD-40. 

    Still, an assured debut performance from its lead star makes up for these flaws. Trailer: The voiceover is probably the biggest question mark in this picture.

    My Opinion on the Movie

    Joey and Ella A Kangaroo Tail is a rather cute movie. The story is fairly simple and even young children will understand it. However, the audience is left a bit disappointed by the weak pacing and a very rushed ending. 

    The writing and the voice acting is good, but there is no real character progression or growth in this movie. This may be because the three main characters, Joey, Ella and Skye, are all too young for their own good. 

    Joey is a 2 year old and Ella is an infant, and neither is ready to understand what is happening around them. This movie is a fun watch for young children who are inquisitive and like animals. However, the dialogue is mostly unintelligible for older viewers.

    Why You Should Watch the Movie

    Based on the book of the same name by Barry Crump, Joey is a charming and emotional animated movie about the bond between a kangaroo and her kangaroo mom. It is not a conventional family comedy, though, rather an insightful portrait of a family and its dynamics that is rooted in kangaroo culture. 

    Directed by Einorea Yu, who previously helmed the Oscar-nominated short film I Love You, Doraemon, Joey’s Oscar buzz began last summer when it won the Grand Jury Prize at the Annecy Animation Festival. 

    The film’s long and (mostly) comedic production history is explored in this documentary featurette. Joey also stars Glenn Close as the female kangaroo and J.K.


    While it may seem that Ella has the makings of a sweet and resourceful heroine, she sometimes doesn’t take her situation very seriously, taking chances and putting herself in danger unnecessarily in order to appease her paparazzi-loving uncle. 

    On the other hand, one of Ella’s cousins, Joey, is seriously dedicated to his band, the Salvation Rockers, and he doesn’t think twice about taking on any challenge that comes his way. Since he seems to be willing to do anything to win the affections of Ella, she quickly comes to trust him. 

    The trials and tribulations the duo encounter over the course of the movie are a welcome departure from usual YA film conventions, but they feel a little short of epic.