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Mimi 2021 Movie Review: A Spoiler-Free Movie Review

Movies are a great way to escape reality. But sometimes, it's not that easy to find the perfect movie. You may want to watch something funny, or see a different genre other than what you usually watch. 

    Whether you're looking for just about anything, Netflix has it all. Mimi 2021 is a sci-fi movie that tells the story of two people in the year 2021 who have been trying to stop an impending robot takeover. 

    This movie is filled with action and has some twists and turns along the way. So if you like thinking about what might happen in the future, this film will keep you on your toes!

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Mimi (2021) Hindi Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Evelyn Edwards - Actress

    Kriti Sanon - Mimi

    Pankaj Tripathi - Bhanu

    Jaya Bhattacharya - Doctor

    Sai Tamhankar - Shama

    Aidan Whytock - John

    Evelyn Edwards - Summer

    Directed By - Laxman Utekar


    Genre - Drama, comedy

    Language - Hindi

    Release Date - 26 July 2021

    The movie's timeline

    The movie starts with Mimi 21 days into her pregnancy and makes it clear that she is pregnant with twins. This means the other one is in America. We also see how quickly Mimi closes the deal with the couple without even speaking to them. 

    If Mimi was actually pregnant, how could she get her fee so soon? Mimi 2021 Mimi asks an American couple to come to India as she has a breakdown and is about to go into labour. The movie skips to October 25, where Mimi and her husband Dev (Devadatt) are in Delhi celebrating Dussehra. 

    Mimi sees Neha, the woman who sold her the surrogate baby, again. She tells her that she is taking on the biggest challenge of her life. Neha is seen in the hospital, and she tells the press that the surrogate had miscarried.

    The story

    The story is a bit slow but has an engaging screenplay that allows the viewer to invest in the story. The second half of the movie is entertaining and keeps you glued to your seat with great shots of Mumbai and some beautiful locales. 

    Upside & Downside Upside Good performances by the lead cast Nice song and picturisation Delightful music & background score Good production value Downside The story drags in the first half Competency of the writer-director A tad too predictable A bit slow to understand Should you watch it? 

    Yes! You have got to watch this. It is one of the rare Bollywood movies which has high production values and keeps you hooked to your seats. It is a film worth the money and the ticket price. I would also give it 4 stars because of the songs.

    Why you should see it

    The whole film is loaded with several surprise twists. While some of the scenes are expected, there is another section that is surprising: The bottomline The Mimi caste in India is based on the caste system. They think they have received unfair treatment. 

    The emotional turmoil that they go through is beyond the reach of most. They are perceived to be morons and bohis. The need of the hour is to shed this stereotype and the Mimi 2021 movie does that.


    Two and a half stars! Mimi 2021 Movie Review: Script Analysis Gillana Singh's directorial debut (not his first one), a modern-day version of the classical Gujarati play Ghode Ko Jodehe has created a name for itself before release. 

    Gillana has transformed his sensibilities from being a good director to a superb storyteller. This is evident even in his debut which follows the famous play to the T. The only problem with the story is that it relies too heavily on its own content. 

    More than the content, it is the narration that keeps the audience hooked. This movie is like a research project on surrogacy and the various factors that go into it. Apart from these details, there is not much of a character in it. Mimi is a single, bored woman. She comes to the city to work as a surrogate.


    Mimi, the protagonist of the film, gets pregnant when she visits Chennai. After many difficulties in the process of conception, the surrogate decides to kill the child. What's Good? The first half of the movie is so creative that it has brought the narrative of a similar film to a whole new level. 

    At the same time, the second half of the film is nothing short of a cliche love story. The conversations between a couple in this film are pure cinema material. This is where Aditya's new avatar comes into play and one is left amazed at the way he plays the character. 

    What's Bad? While many major characters are a part of the second half of the movie, it lacks the glamour quotient. There are various loopholes in the film and certain situations are extremely absurd.


    Mimi - A 40-year-old divorced lady. She is a drug addict who has lost her husband, her soul mate and father figure, she is also ruthless and a rebel. Mimi is trying to make money for the surrogate and gets trapped in a web of illegal surrogacy. 

    She is the go-to person in this huge, huge scandal. Re-incarnation of Sadia (Sonam Kapoor) - The little sister of director Bhanu and an artist. She is trying to make a name for herself in Mumbai. She goes through a lot of emotional and miserable experiences. 

    The only good thing in her life is a good friendship with Mehmood (Saqib Saleem) who tries to ease her emotional burden by being her support and her stalker. Mehmood - The second in command of Naima and the son of famous producer Guddu. Mehmood is arrogant and high-bred.

    Mimi's Opinion

    I really didn't get the point of this movie. I am not an ardent fan of spoofs and jokes, so I feel like I was wasting my time on this movie. Even the first half of the movie was boring for me and didn't do justice to the spinner. 

    On the other hand, a huge fan of Bhanu Gulati will not be surprised by the outcome of the movie. Mimi's Verdict: Don't waste your time on this movie. 

    I wouldn't even recommend it to someone. Mimi 2021 Movie Trailer Mimi 2021 Movie releases on 8th August, 2019. Share with us your experience of watching Mimi 2021 Movie .

    Overall Movie Rating

    Mimi 2021 is one of those movies which could have been made well by many filmmakers but somehow got overlooked. Uri Kuryawan Mimi 2022 Movie Review: Script Analysis Mimi 2022’s screenplay has all the characteristics of a good thriller. 

    It has an intriguing premise, a deep plot, an engaging screenplay, an extremely well-written dialogue (stirring and entertaining), and top-notch acting by all the actors in the movie. It is the director’s skillful and suspenseful narration which makes the movie tick. 

    Mimi 2021 Movie Review: Star Performance Mimi 2021’s lead actress Aditi Shetty has given an exemplary performance. Her acting is exceptional and she brings out the right emotions, right from her first scene to the last scene of the movie.



    Would you like to see a Hollywood and a Bollywood director taking so many liberties with the plot of a Gujarati novel? If the answer is yes, then grab your popcorn and watch this film. 

    While some are calling the film as exploitative of women, others are praising the film for presenting Mimi as she is. This version of the film is a must watch for those who are wondering about the life of a surrogate mother.