Raja The Great (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: Why You Should Watch

Raja The Great (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: Why You Should Watch

Genres:Raja The Great (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: Why You Should Watch     Raja The Great is a Telug…

Raja The Great (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Download
Raja The Great (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: Why You Should Watch   

Raja The Great is a Telugu action comedy film written and directed by Anil Ravipudi. The film stars Ravi Teja and Mehreen Pirzada in the lead roles. The film has been in the news since the teaser release for its unusual marketing strategy of showing the entire film from the point of view of a 10-year-old boy.

    Raja The Great is definitely one of the best films of the year. It has a compelling plot, memorable characters and great music. It is a must watch for all Telugu cinema lovers.

    Raja The Great is a Telugu drama directed by Anand Kumar. The film stars Ravi Teja and Mehreen Pirzada in the lead roles. It is a remake of the 2017 Tamil film Kaththi. 

    The film tells the story of a physically-challenged person who is living a poor lifestyle and has to face the consequences of his own actions. A few months ago, I watched a film that made me question everything. I didn’t know how to review it. 

    I’ve been sitting on the review for a few weeks, trying to figure out what to say. I went to see it again, and I still don’t know what to say. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to watch Raja The Great for the first time. It was an extraordinary film, and I’m still not sure I can articulate why.

    Here’s everything we know so far about Raja The Great (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Ravi Teja - Raja

    Mehreen Pirzada - Lucky

    Vivan Bhatena - Devaraj (as Vivaan)

    Radhika Sarathkumar - Constable Anantha Lakshmi, Raja's mother

    Rajendra Prasad - Prasad

    Sampath Raj - I. G. Sampath

    Prakash Raj - SP Prakash and Lucky's Father

    Directed By - Anil Ravipudi


    Genre - Comedy, Drama And Action

    Language - Hindi And Telugu  

    Release Date - 13 October 2017

    Raja The Great Movie Review

    The Chinese market is flooded with cop movies. This is just another one in a long line. China has already seen three great Indian movies: Baahubali: The Beginning, Baahubali: The Conclusion and Dangal. 

    Raja the Great is much smaller and trying to stand out amidst these. It has nothing to do with the Baahubali franchise nor does it try to be or be taken seriously. It is a vanity project by a producer who has to sell himself as a producer. 

    India has already seen movies like Gurgaon and Fukrey. Raja the Great is just like them in all but in an exaggerated manner. It shows a lavish wedding, and we are told it took 4.5 years to organise the wedding. Yes, people would do that for a few crores.

    Raja The Great

    U/A: Action, Comedy, Fantasy Prabhu Deva has time and again demonstrated his versatility as a filmmaker and his latest directorial venture is no different. Billed as an action comedy-thriller, Raja The Great is a true-to-life film and involves no shots on desi heroes flexing their biceps. 

    The film follows the life of a blind man (Pranitha Subhash) who is obsessed with a girl he met in school. Her unrequited love makes him even more determined to bring the love-object under his command. 

    That’s where things get interesting and he starts killing people in order to get the girl. The film’s tagline — First, he decides to kill everyone. We’re intrigued to know what will come next.


    Raja is born blind but he has extraordinary senses and he is a trained skillful fighter. The blind king is a confused individual who has totally different perceptions and perspectives. There is the element of naiveté and innocence in him which makes Raja fascinating. 

    Direction C.V. Vinayak has handled the entire film with a fantastic perspective. He puts together the circumstances in an entertaining and an engaging manner. He also devotes ample space for Raja’s narration. 

    He balances the right amount of light moments, intense moments and brilliant screenplay. He keeps you on the edge with terrific visuals. Vidyullekha Raman, Sudheer Karamana and others are impressive in their respective roles. Music Music director Rajesh Ramanath has done a fine job.


    Raja The Great is based on the true story of Amritha Subramanyam, a blind girl from an Indian village. She comes to Hyderabad to work as a nanny to a princess but falls in love with a rickshaw driver named Raja. 

    Director Trivikram Srinivas tells the story in a non-linear fashion and hence has created enough scope to weave in several characters in the film. The characters are well etched and the larger than life feel adds to the experience. 

    Direction, Music Raja The Great follows the catchy 90s template of how movies are made in Telugu. The film lacks depth and there are too many exaggerated sequences that we have seen a thousand times in the past and this makes it feel like watching a documentary.

    Star Performances

    Ravi Teja does a great job of handling the character of Raja who is born blind. He has a flawless screen presence and is believable as a blind man. Mehreen Pirzada too has done a good job and has delivered an accomplished performance. 

    Devi Sri Prasad's music and Santhosh Narayanan's song are the highlights of the movie. Script & Direction: T Swaminathan An upwardly mobile journalist, on a contract basis, arrives in a village in Andhra Pradesh to write a story on Jagan (Arjun) who is a trained skillful fighter. 

    But, before he can even get started with his story, he is kidnapped and locked in a room. The story follows what happens when Jagan saves the journalist and his family. Raja The Great 2021 Movie Review: The Final Verdict What worked for me were the screenplay and the making.


    Award-winning film-maker Ram Gopal Varma, who is known to pull stunts, is no less than a magician when it comes to writing stories and directing action sequences for his movies. 

    His blockbuster hits like Action Jackson (2009), Company (2013), Satya (1998) and Satya 2 (2013) are bound to tickle the funny bones of the viewers, and he is at it again with Raja The Great. 

    Ram Gopal Varma's films have their own appeal and all the more for the scenes which he writes, directs and shoots himself. Raja The Great is no different from his previous films but not to the same extent. 

    The film's pacing is slow and is completely driven by the scenes penned by the director himself. Raja The Great has an old fashioned feel to it.


    While Raja has scenes that focus on the basic tenets of storytelling, he also lets loose in his exciting moments and showcases the dexterity of our ever-so-talented artists. 

    Just when you’re waiting for that slow-motion shot to end, we get a shot that shows a warrior’s sword in extreme slow motion and you’re thrown off-balance. 

    You’ll even get to witness a stunt of some sort in this genre too. What We Say: 4.5/5 Directed By: Chandra Ramesh, Yevader Ramana Starring: Nivetha Thomas, Arun Vijay, Bollywood Actors Prabhu & Ronit Roy Rating: 3.

    My Thoughts

    Raja The Great, despite being a remake of Tamil hit Sethupathi is the right choice for a film enthusiast who has an affinity towards sports and is an ardent fan of Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan. 

    Kajal Aggarwal and Regina Cassandra will be seen as the leading ladies in the flick, and there are other actresses too, who look promising. Story Director Imman Iyer and writer Kalidas Satya love the hero Raja The Great, as he is born blind, but possesses skills, which helps him to fight the evils. 

    And their obsession and fanboyism doesn't stop with him. His family has supported him in his best, and they are good and decent people. And these are the things that they tell everyone, to make their father Raja The Great's good name.


    Raja The Great is both an interesting and an educational film, as it shows a young blind boy, his family, his friends and the challenges he faces in his journey to become a warrior. 

    The story, the screenplay and dialogues have all been written well and have been narrated in a highly entertaining manner. But it is the action scenes, the special effects and the songs that work well to keep you engaged throughout the film and make it a one of a kind experience. 

    To add, the performances, the dialogues and the narration of the story make this a highly entertaining film. Raja The Great has to be watched and also rated for the action sequences, the performances and the punch dialogues. 3.5 stars (out of 5) Raja The Great Trailer Raja The Great releases on 1st March, 2017.