Ridley Jones (2021) Hindi Dubbed Review: What This New Animation Show Is All About

Ridley Jones (2021) Hindi Dubbed Review: What This New Animation Show Is All About

Genres:Ridley Jones (2021) Hindi Dubbed Review: What This New Animation Show Is All About Ridley Jones is …

Ridley Jones (2021) Hindi Dubbed Session 1 Download
Ridley Jones (2021) Hindi Dubbed Review: What This New Animation Show Is All About

Ridley Jones is an animated show about a 12-year-old girl who has a knack for solving mysteries. Ridley Jones is a 12-year-old girl who has just moved from New York to the small town of Whitney Falls. 

    She’s a pretty typical kid, but she also has a knack for solving mysteries – and this leads to some crazy adventures. The show is about her experiences in the town, her adventures with friends, her family, and the mysteries she solves.

    Ridley Jones is an animated sci-fi comedy series that follows the life of an ordinary man in the not-so-distant future. After a failed attempt at an astronaut career, Ridley Jones is left with nothing to do. 

    He spends his days trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life, and his nights dreaming of asteroid mining in outer space. One day, an asteroid knocks on the window of his apartment and he’s the first person to discover it. 

    Along with his best friend, Dr. Clarence, they go on an adventure to explore the asteroid and study the rocks from space. Ridley Jones is a new animated television series for kids and families. It airs on Disney Jr and is about a mouse who can’t see or speak. 

    Trapped in a world of silence and darkness, Ridley Jones sets out to find his voice and see the light of day. How does he succeed? We’ll find out a little bit more about the show, and what it’s all about, in this review.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Ridley Jones (2021) Hindi Session 1 TV Series: 

    Cast and characters:

    Iara Nemirovsky - Ridley Jones

    Carolina Ravassa - Mama Penguin

    Bob Bergen - Mr. Peabody

    Blythe Danner - Grandma Jones

    David Errigo Jr. - Caribou

    Sutton Foster - Mama Jones

    Jane Lynch - Lonny

    Directed By - Chris Nee


    Genre - Animation, Comedy, Adventure And Action

    Language - Hindi And English  

    Release Date - 13 July 2021


    What: The series revolves around Ridley and her friends, who are guardians for the Museum of Natural History. It centers on them using their skills and science to protect the Museum of Natural History's treasures, known as things that "come alive at night." 

    Ridley is the only girl with four friends, each a boy, all of whom are equally strong in the realm of science. The quartet decides to set out on an adventure to save the world from an evil creature that threatens not only their Museum, but the entire world. 

    Ridley: A curious, bright, spirited and inquisitive little girl, Ridley must keep her eye on what's at stake if she wants to be a friend, and not get left behind. Adam: a popular and charismatic student who is always looking out for others.

    What's in the show?

    Since the show is based on a young-adult book, the trailer is full of colorful, dreamlike sequences. Ridley and her pals think there's a spooky figure in the museum's basement and decide to investigate. 

    But they never make it back to the couch in the trailer, so you'll have to watch it yourself! Ridley Jones is a smart, curious kid who lives with her mom and two younger brothers at the Central Park Zoo. 

    She loves dinosaurs and wanders the Museum of Natural History after-hours, spooking people and keeping its magical secrets safe. When is it coming out? 

    The 11-episode first season, which will air on Sundays at 8:00 pm EST, hits Netflix September 29. Where can I watch the trailer?

    What's so cool about this show?

    This is the creation of Dutch animator Tom van Leeuwen. His previous films are SUPERGIRL: THE ATOMIC BOMB and SUPERGIRL: ANIMAL FARM. His name is constantly mentioned in the international film industry as one of the future greats. 

    What does the show consist of? The series is divided into three episodes, each with its own story. It's clear this is not a series designed for kids but rather a mini-series to make a great impact in popular culture. 

    The animation is really outstanding and there are some beautiful moments. Can you tell us more about this? It's a classic animation style. The drawings and colours are very pretty but also animated and stylized.

    Why should you watch?

    Ridley is an adorably naive character that introduces her viewers to a new genre of animated show: The 8-bit Adventure. The only other animated show that resembles this style of animation is Avatar: The Last Airbender, which took advantage of the era's over saturation of 2D characters. 

    It was a style that appealed to kids who loved video games but also wanted a more realistic experience. And for Ridley, it is an intriguing new medium for an imaginative 8-year-old to explore. 

    While she can talk her friends into a murder mystery, or help her mom search for lost money, or any number of activities a real 8-year-old would do, she can also be brave enough to spend the night in the Museum of Natural History with Ridley, who helps her survive a night of magic and mischief.


    It is springtime and Ridley is beginning fifth grade. She loves dinosaurs, but she also loves her pet hedgehog, Wolfie, and he even has a lizard friend named Frill. Ridley and her friends explore the mysterious Museum of Natural History, but they never are able to step inside. 

    Their parents are lukewarm at best about the entire adventure, so Ridley just goes on without telling them about her new friends and wants to keep exploring. However, when Ridley returns home, she discovers a note, and all of a sudden, she and her best friends. 

    Spiketease, Sadina, and Solumio, can't go anywhere without somebody following them. Ridley finds out that her mother is keeping a secret. And with her fifth birthday fast approaching, she begins to worry.


    Ridley Jones (voiced by Melody Spence), Museum of Natural History Junior Staff and working as a junior guard, is the heart of the series. She will be defending the museum's artifacts and critters at all times. 

    Oona Shae (voiced by Niki Yang), who works for the City Museum and is a senior museum worker, provides more of a comedic presence in the series. She'll be making appearances in all five of the episodes of Season 1. 

    Evie Bryant (voiced by Zoie Palmer), an art conservator, is described as a "bird brain" who works diligently to protect the museum's artifacts. She believes that museums are wonderful places full of wonder and history, and her insights are valuable when the museum's main guard needs a break.

    My thoughts

    "I am a lover of dinosaurs. You would think this is an obvious statement, but it's not. At least, not when you're a kid. I am, to quote the opening theme of "Explorer Rex," just a little boy with big dreams who has yet to find his place in the world. 

    And I'm finding that out the hard way. With this new series, "Explorer Rex," from DreamWorks Animation, the scientists at the New York Public Library's Bleecker Street Branch set me on the path to finding my place. OK, they didn't really give me a choice. 

    They took me along on their expedition, and I was game. But then they told me that the dinosaurs were in danger—much like I was in danger—and that they needed to form an alliance with some neighborhood explorers like me to track down the dinosaurs and bring them home.



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