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Smellville (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie Review: The Movie You Need To See

Smellville (2021) is a movie that you need to see. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s about a future where people can smell each other’s feelings. Check out my review of this movie that you need to see!

    “A new era of cinema is upon us.” Smelliville (2021) is a movie that will make you rethink the art of film. It tells the story of a man with a very unique sense of smell. The cinema is immersive, with smells wafting in from all directions. 

    The lighting shifts colors to match the mood of the scenes. The theater seats have a wide range of textures and even temperatures. Do you want to come see Smelliville (2021) with me?

    Smellville is a movie you will be thinking about for the next year. It's a story of a family that has to come to terms with a rare disease that's been passed down through generations. But that's not the only thing that happens. You will laugh. You will cry. 

    You will be terrified. And you will spend the whole time asking yourself: "How did they come up with this?" I'm usually the person who doesn't recommend the movie to my friends. But this is one worth watching.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Smelliville (2021) Hindi Dubbed Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Sema'j Alexander Cunningham - Messy (voice)

    Kya Stein - Mothy (voice)

    Ben Young - Max (voice)

    Lily Held - Lotta (voice)

    Tony Clark - Oggly Dad / Firebottom / Francesco / Workman #3 (voice)

    Susan Tackenberg - Oggly Mum / Navigation Voice (voice)

    Geraldine Blecker - Oggly Grandma (voice)

    Directed By - Toby Genkel & Jens Møller


    Genre - Animation, Adventure And Family Comedy

    Language - Hindi And English  

    Release Date - 01 July 2021

    Smelliville (2021) Review

    The Ogglies are looking for a new home. They end up in Smelliville, a beautiful and peaceful village. Unfortunately, Smelliville has a stinky problem: It’s overrun with toxic fumes. It turns out the air was once good, but a meteor-sized fragment of an extinct planet had been stuck in the atmosphere. 

    Now, the smelly fumes pollute the village, killing humans and leaving the Ogglies susceptible to infection. While the Ogglies are attempting to adapt to their new, stinky life, they help the Smelliville community save the planet, get along and thrive. 

    The film isn’t perfect but it is a beautiful adaptation of the 1996 novel by Roald Dahl. The film received mixed reviews on IMDb, but an average rating of 5.8 out of 10.

    The Stinky Problem

    In a short period of time, it becomes obvious that there are smells in the air that are impossible to avoid. It starts with a pungent smell coming from the toilet and quickly spreads. It becomes harder and harder to ignore the overwhelming smell.

    The Adventure Begins

    The Ogglies end up in Smelliville, a beautiful and peaceful village. Unfortunately, Smelliville has a stinky problem. Each night the village has a fireworks display, and something always ends up in the nearby pond, which has the adverse effect of making the residents late for work the next morning. 

    The family decides to pursue this issue, and takes to the streets to find out the problem. That’s when Smellville’s History Comes In It all started back in the 1930’s when its founder, Damien (Matthew Lynn), was the leader of the firework’s guild. 

    He had to deal with a company who wanted to copy his signature and pay him twice what he was worth. Due to this, he decided to have a display of his own, and showed everyone what fireworks were really capable of.

    The Solution

    Smelliville. If I have the title of this section right. Wait, I got it right. I thought this movie was funny, weird, and really clever. It’s something a little different from what most of us have seen before, but I think that that’s what makes it great. It was just unexpected. 

    For all the promise, the set up, and the heart, the ending was a little too corny and predictable. It could have been better, but it’s certainly not the worst thing I’ve seen. It took me all of four minutes to figure out the plot. To review, the movie is about a town with a horrible smell problem. 

    They have no way to get rid of it, and the residents have been relying on modern technology, toxic toluene cans, to keep it away. It’s not that people aren’t trying, it’s that they can’t get it to work.

    The Plot

    This is a movie about the last pack of narwhals on Earth as they roam the great sea in search for their place. They come to the attention of a boy named Ben, who goes in search of his lost grandfather on the beach. 

    Ben and his grandfather’s best friend go off in search of the mythical unicorn. How did it get nominated? In my opinion, “Smelliville” is a movie that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. It is unlike anything that you will have seen before, with not just one but two different endings. 

    Both end with a bang! It truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re a narwhal or a fellow teenage boy, you will find something to like about this movie. Not to mention that it is an extremely well made flick, with top notch visual effects and a professional soundtrack.

    The Characters

    Sean Banks (Dean O'Gorman) - The main character and narrator of the movie. Sean is more or less a hopeless romantic and frequently tries to help out the Ogglies. He is also the one who leads them to the town of Smelliville. 

    Emma (Melissa Smith) - A very rude and often funny lady who was once a boy, but now dresses as a girl. She's never met a monster she didn't like. The monsters of Smellville - These huge, often grotesque creatures are the focus of the movie. They come from a puddle that in fact doesn't smell as bad as it sounds. 

    With no leader, they often wander around together. They communicate mostly through nosebleeds. The Night Terrors - Several creatures that dwell on a schoolhouse. One of them is the son of Sean Banks and the only monster with a surname.

    The Villains

    Klick is an introverted, corporate lackey of The Witch’s church. She’s struggling to find her purpose in life, until she stumbles upon The Ogglies. This is her chance to do what she loves and go out with a bang. Arnie is a geek, misfit, and raging drunk. 

    He’s an odd choice for an Action Hero, but you never know what’s going to happen with magic. Grizz is a darkly hilarious monster that lives in the woods. He is cursed and driven to kill. The Ogglians Genny, Oggly 3, wants to lead the Ogglians. 

    She dreams of reuniting the tribe and creating a whole new Oggland. Jib is the leader of the Ogglians. Oggley 2, aka Oggly 1, is the last of his kind. Oggly 2 is a coward and a slacker. Gigi, a teenager with a very twisted sense of humor and a sweet tooth for horrible jokes.

    The Good

    Smellville feels like a town that was lifted directly from the pages of a children’s book. The small streets and the buildings fit a special storybook quality with a nostalgic touch. All of the cast, including the small children and animals in this film, are incredibly adorable and deserve some recognition for their great performances. 

    This is easily one of the cutest children’s movies I have seen in years. For me, the most striking feature of the film was the wonderful soundtrack. It was completely unique to this film, but every time I hear it, it takes me back to the simpler times of my childhood. 

    In addition, each of the songs sung by the characters brought me to laughter at a moment’s notice.

    What We Learned

    Why “The Ogglies” The Newest Podcast on The Oatmeal Manson is White Jesus Amon Tobin Won’t Turn Your Brain Upside Down “The Rise Of The Ninja,” “Death Of 4.


    I wrote this article as a tribute to the movie Smellville, which was released a few months back. The film is amazing and I really want everyone to watch it, even if you’re a little weird. 

    I’ve given it a rating of 4.6/5 because I want to give a balanced and honest review, this means I’m not going to push it on anyone who doesn’t really like the smelliness theme. 

    The music was an especially strong point for me, I liked the main theme very much and it had a very pleasant feel to it. So I wrote this review as a tribute to the movie and to give everyone the tools they need to watch it.