Toofaan (2021) Movie Review: Bollywood Movie Worth Watching

Toofaan (2021) Movie Review: Bollywood Movie Worth Watching

Genres:Toofaan (2021) Movie Review: Bollywood Movie Worth Watching A good hearted Parsi gym owner in the n…

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Toofaan (2021) Movie Review: Bollywood Movie Worth Watching

A good hearted Parsi gym owner in the neighbourhood, introduces the legendary Muhammad Ali’s videos to Aziz. ‘Boxing Aur bhaigiri mein yahi farak hai. Boxing is a sport that needs technique, discipline and patience, not just strength,’ he clarifies.

    Recognising his potential and the expert training he deserves, Aziz is recommended to a widely respected boxing coach Nana Prabhu (Paresh Rawal). The Dadar veteran is wary of a Muslim guy from Dongri with notorious background but agrees to take him under his wing.

    He even bestows him with the title ‘Toofaan’ (unstoppable storm) but this near perfect coach-protege relationship takes an ugly turn when things get personal.Forbidden love, casual bigotry, communal harmony, making of a boxer and redemption of a disgraced athlete…

    Toofaan tries to tread several paths at once. In doing so, the fictional tale loosely feels like a mishmash of several films you may have seen before… Ghulam, Sultan, Mukkabaaz.

    Given the fact that Toofaan sees Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra reuniting with his solid Bhaag Milkha Bhaag team — Farhan Akhtar and Shankar Ehsaan-Loy, one expects nothing less than fireworks. What you get is a run of the mill story told in an over-simplistic way.

    A few empty punches, a few solid blows, lot of evading the opponent and eventually tiring out the vibe, Toofaan is an odd mix of succumbing to and destroying the stereotypes. Love lies at the heart of the story but boxing drives the narrative. The juggling doesn’t seem organic and feels a lot like one interrupting the other.

    Here’s everything we know so far about The Toofaan (2021) Hindi Movie: 

    Cast and characters:

    Farhan Akhtar - Aziz Ali

    Mrunal Thakur - Dr. Ananya

    Paresh Rawal - Coach Nana Prabhu

    Vijay Raaz - Mahesh

    Divyam Agarwal - Divyam Agarwal

    Abhishek Khandekar - Coach Sarwarkar

    Milind Pathak - Inspector Shinde

    Directed By - Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra


    Genre - Action, Drama, Sports

    Language - Hindi

    Release Date - 16 July 2021

    The Story

    Toofaan (2021) Movie Story
    Toofaan (2021) Movie Story

    Toofaan is set in a boxing gym in Cooch Behar, West Bengal and portrays the struggle of a newcomer to the game. As seen in the film, one has to practice a lot in the gym before he or she can excel in the game. A young boxer tries to adapt to the way of life in a boxing gym in a little village. 

    Mehra's film looks back into India's sports history, focusing on several previous boxers in the Hindi film industry. It is notable that Mehra pays close attention to detail, and tries to paint a vivid picture of life in the world of Indian boxing through a dozen characters.

    What is Toofaan about?

    The story of Toofaan revolves around some elite Indian athletes and the regime under which they work. It is set in a run-down India ruled by corrupt politicians who are out to destroy the sport. Also, the movie also has an implication on drug abuse. 

    Storyline and First Half Review: 

    Toofaan (2021) Movie Storyline
    Toofaan (2021) Movie Storyline

    The movie opens with a sad tinge of a man coming back to his hometown from America and finding that his brother has died due to drug abuse. We then move to the domestic abuse of a sports teacher, giving us a hint of the abusive system at present and the role that sports plays in the society. 

    The story becomes more about a young superstar boxer and his father played by Arjun Rampal who challenges his team, arguing that his son must have a shot at a gold medal at a big national event.

    Review of Toofaan

    Toofaan (2021) Hindi Movie Review
    Toofaan (2021) Hindi Movie Review

    Toofaan Review: Toofaan was expected to be a blockbuster, with it being directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra who has always made cinema that is loved by all sections of audiences. 

    Also with the star-cast of the film consisting of veteran actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar it was certainly a strong team that needed a movie to flop and fortunately Toofaan failed to deliver. 

    The film is based on India's Gold medal win at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and reportedly is said to be a sports drama which was released across 4500 screens in India, almost equal to what his last film, Mukkabaaz had achieved. 

    Toofaan opened to a poor 3.45 crore (33 million) at the box office, which included paid previews on the day of its release.


    Toofaan (2021) Movie Synopsis
    Toofaan (2021) Movie Synopsis

    “The film is set in the backdrop of a national level boxing championship in Goa where a boy and his coach have an existential crisis. The movie explores the mental and physical journey of a youth fighting for his life. 

    He decides to make the most of the resources he has been blessed with and realize his true potential” All the Trailer Looks Interesting The Film is shot in the beautiful locations of Goa and Manali. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's choice of music for Toofaan is very special and impressive. 

    Not only his composition for the film but also for his previous projects in Bollywood. They have a strong soul, very simple and effective. Each song is accompanied with pure performance. Action Toofaan has a strong presence of the actors in action sequences.


    Toofaan (2021) Movie Plot
    Toofaan (2021) Movie Plot

    The film starts with Deepak, a young, retired amateur boxing champion at the country’s national indoor stadium. He narrates a tragic incident in the past when during a press conference in Chennai, he attacked and got into a fight with a hockey star to defend a female boxer for an entire day. 

    Deepak receives severe injury in his face and then decides to retire. However, the memory of that incident doesn't die away with time. The story has a twist in it and focuses on the senior coach, Ravi, who was cheated of his match fees and is now jobless. 

    A depressed Ravi becomes one of the major shareholders of a start-up, a finance company in the year 2021, that deals with self-driving cars.


    4.5/5 Farhan Akhtar has delivered his most ambitious film to date in the form of Toofaan. The film which released in India on February 1, this year is a sports drama that talks about the sport of boxing. 

    Toofaan is set in the desert of Rajasthan where everything is about spirit and will power. The film deals with the most dangerous sport in the world and how it affects the mental health of boxers who sacrifice a lot of everything for it. 

    Toofaan is a high octane family drama which revolves around a sports baron Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, played by Farhan Akhtar, who decides to build a National Level Boxing Gym and his whole family also joins him in his endeavour.

    Final Verdict

    Toofaan (2021) Movie Final Verdict
    Toofaan (2021) Movie Final Verdict

    Toofaan is a 2021 Indian Hindi-English language sports drama film directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and starring Farhan Akhtar national level boxer and Diljit Dosanjh at his best. 

    The film is a biopic of former Indian boxing athlete Vijender Singh’s journey in the combat ring. It is also a testimony of how boxing and sports help people to fight through their hard times. The film also introduces you to the real life of world champion boxer Vijender.

    My Thoughts on Toofaan

    Who doesn’t love a good sporting drama? That is probably why I really enjoyed Toofaan. Toofaan came to theatres on July 31st, 2017. The film was one of the biggest Bollywood releases of the year and opened to an overwhelmingly positive response at the box office. 

    The film revolves around a boxer from the Donpur village named Ganesh Singh (Farhan Akhtar). He is a real patriot. He comes from a poor family and works as a porter to make ends meet for his family. He never fails to give the opponent a tough time in the ring. It is his only source of income. 

    The film also portrays his love for his village and the love he has for his village folk. Toofaan Review: Star Performance Farhan Akhtar as Ganesh Singh is brilliant. He manages to capture the essence of a boxer who loves his family.



    Finally, a Pakistani actor has been able to prove his acting skills on the big screen. With his upcoming film Toofaan, the film is expected to also prove the fact that Pakistani actors are very capable of holding top roles. 

    Moreover, the film is an ideal family entertainer which is also highly refreshing for the audience as it does not demand much from the viewer. But if we were expecting another heavyweight performance from Farhan Akhtar, then we are surely going to be disappointed.